and re-designed

Welcome to the next generation of VRF – designed specifically to help address the four fundamental challenges facing building designers today:
Location; Sound;
Design flexibility; Efficiency

Air source VRF is the most popular and widely used
air conditioning system in commercial buildings.

The new City Multi YNW range is available in capacities
from 22-150kW and offers some of the highest levels
of efficiency coupled with smaller footprints,
reduced noise levels and increased design options.

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City Multi YNW

The ultimate in design and operational flexibility



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Reduced footprint achieved by a unique,
new 4-sided heat exchanger

exploded diagram

The new City Multi YNW system maximises the space available
for plant by reducing the area required for outdoor units.
Up to 51kW of cooling capacity can be delivered per
square metre of plant thanks to the advanced wrap
around heat exchanger.

This is 28% more than previous models.

Greater flexibility for location of outdoor units is possible thanks
to multiple external static pressure settings. Extending up to
80Pa will help with long or narrow ducting requirements.



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Ultra-quiet noise levels

Potential noise issues with the outdoor plant
are reduced with City Multi YNW, thanks to an
improved compressor and fan design, reducing
sound power levels.

Offering complete flexibility to cope with
different noise criteria for multiple applications,
City Multi YNW has incremental capacity steps
to vary noise output.

YNW Sound power levels
Cooling (PURY-P)

Sound graph

Night time operation

Demand is generally lower, noise sensitivity
is increased, select step to meet needs

Acoustic enclosures

Costs can be saved by reducing the amount
of attenuation required


Design Flexibility

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Reducing installation and
maintenance time

The unique two-pipe design allows for phased installation,
meaning that the cooling and heating system can be
installed around a project build, with individual sections
commissioned as required.

Up to 50 indoor units are connectable to the largest model and
a complete new range of Branch Controller (BC) boxes are now
available with a reduction in height, a removable drain pan and
a reduced refrigerant charge. A completely new piping layout
for the BC boxes can help to reduce installation time and make
maintenance regimes easier.

flexibility diagram

Next generation design

- Up to 11 Sub BCs connectable
- Capacity index increased to 350 per sub BC
- BC height reduced by 14%
- 20% overall reduction onsystem refrigerant volume



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Highest ever levels of efficiency

City Multi YNW provides our lowest installation
costs, running costs and CO2 emissions of a VRF
system. This is achieved through the new 4-sided
heat exchanger, compressor and fan design, improving
both nominal and seasonal efficiency levels.

The new models retain the unique flat tube
aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger which is
a pivotal step change in providing more effective
and efficient heat transfer.

These efficiency improvements mean that more
VRF system combinations qualify for the Enhanced
Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, allowing
companies to offset the capital cost against
their annual tax bill.

The most popular 34kW model benefits from a 28%
increase in seasonal efficiency, making compliance
with energy legislation easier to achieve.

Seasonal efficiency increase (%)

Efficiency graph

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City Multi YNW -
The Ultimate Solution For

The City Multi YNW range is specifically designed to
tackle the four most important challenges facing building
operators today, whether that is in the Office, Retail,
Hotel & Leisure or Health arenas.


If you are looking for the perfect environment to help maximise staff productivity, ensure customers are enticed to browse longer, allow guests to relax and enjoy a comfortable hotel & leisure experience or make sure the well-being of clients is enhanced by the internal environment, the City Multi YNW is the ideal choice.

With a focus on reducing sound levels and plant space, whilst increasing design flexibility and efficiency, the next generation City Multi VRF is designed to deliver a comfortable environment that helps you deliver the spaces your staff and customers need, whilst meeting today's energy efficiency requirements.